YouTube Money Calculator by Channels and Videos

Use our YouTube Money calculator to check on other channels and videos and understand how much revenue they earn or what is the potential for your channel. The tools below are created based on the average CPM‘s from our articles where we extracted advertising data from real channels:

Further in the article (after YouTube Money Calculator) we have some suggestions ands tips on how you can start earning more revenue from your YouTube ads.

How Is YouTube Money Calculated?

YouTube deducts 45% of all ad revenues and keeps it as a commission for their service. In order for you to start earning revenue you need to set up an AdSense account and connect it to your YouTube channel. The tools below are already deducting the commission and what you see is NET revenue.

In your AdSense account you will have access to reports where most of the data you need is located. It is important that you understand how to read the data and make decisions that can influence how much you earn in the future.

Your AdSense report will show:

  • Impressions
  • Pageviews
  • Clicks
  • Impression RPM
  • Active view

Your RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions) gives you a good idea of how well your channel is performing and it creates a room to make adjustments. Such as focusing on specific video content, length of video and time when it is published can help you earn more. For example, if a channel earns $3.50 from 2000 page views, the page RPM is ($3.50 / 2000) * 1000 = $1.75 RPM.

Keep in mind that every channel will have different RPM’s, they can also fluctuate based on the time, day, week, month or season.

YouTube Money Calculator for Channels

YouTube Money Calculator for Videos

What Factors Affect YouTube Revenue and How to Make it Better?

There are many factors that can affect how much you earn. We have listed the most important ones with suggestions on how to improve your channel performance and earn more money.

1. User Engagement

Every channel will have their own unique set of audience. Knowing this will allow you to publish content that is engaging and relevant making users watch the whole video. The more is watched the more you will earn, as simple as that. With millions of channels on YouTube platform the best you can do is provide high quality content that people want to watch and are waiting for impatiently.

Once you create content there is no way for you to push people to click on the ads. That is why videos have to be relevant and advertisers will appreciate it. Relevant content = relevant ads and more clicks. Please do not click on your own ads. AdSense algorithm can notice it and block your advertising account.

2. YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is important for any type of creative content creation. There are a few main techniques that you can use to reach your target audience and get noticed in Google’s and YouTube’s search results.

A few of the main tools that YouTube offers and can be used by anyone:

  • Descriptions
  • Video Analysis
  • Keywords
  • Titles
  • Playlists

If a creator is making a video about Advertising Alternatives, they should use the words in the video title. An example would be, “Top 10 best Advertising Alternatives”. It is clear and it also includes the main keyword in the title.

In the description you should give more detail about the video. You already know what the video is about so try to make it short and easy to understand. Whereas for keywords; keep it short! For example, try “Advertising Alternatives for YouTube”, “The Best Advertising Alternatives”. Include both words in the sentences.

Create playlists, not only with your own content but include others as well. This will create diversity and will keep the user’s attention and engagement for a lot longer.

3. YouTube Algorithms

YouTube’s algorithm has changed a lot over time. Before 2012 YouTube ranked its videos based on view count. The more people watched the videos the more it would be recommended and presented to other viewers. There was a problem though. People learned the game of algorithm easily. Just by adding a clickbait title would generate a great amount of views. Now it has all changed. Simply: it is all based on your data. The more they have it the better they can target you.

The system has two aims:

  1. to maximize long-term viewer satisfaction and engagement
  2. to help viewers find videos they might want to watch

The algorithm affects six places you find recommendations on YouTube:

  1. On YouTube homepage
  2. Trending streams
  3. Search results
  4. Notifications
  5. The recommended streams
  6. Channel subscriptions

All of this complex stuff, so how can you improve your chance of having your video recommended to others?

  1. Add accurate and relevant words in your title along with your metadata.
  2. Create compelling description of your video.
  3. Create custom thumbnails, don’t use stock photos.
  4. Include a section in the video where you encourage people to subscribe to your channel.
  5. Promote your YouTube channel in every possible way. Use social media, wear a t shirt in public with your channel name on it, create TikTok, Twitch and Facebook livestreams.
  6. Transcribe your video. Quite many people watch YouTube videos without their sound turned on. Not only that, people with bad hearing will be very happy about the transcription. So make sure everyone can enjoy your amazing content.

Wish to Earn Even More? Try These!

Last but not least. You do not need to solely rely on AdSense earnings for your video. There are many other ways that can earn you extra money. The best thing is that for most of the time you will have a lot more of control and less deductions (commissions) than it is with AdSense.

  • Merchandise – create your own t-shirt designs. There are many companies out there that will pack them and ship them. Such as Printful.
  • Donations – Any revenue you earn from YouTube is only paid once a month. Need some extra? Create a live stream with fun content and ask for donations.
  • SuperChat – It is quite a new feature that is offered on premiere offerings and live streams. This feature means that a user can send money using the app. By doing so the message will be highlighted. This would be recommended for medium to large channels where there are a lot of viewers.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Incorporate products in your video and ask users to use the product with a unique discount code. This way the company will know you led them there. Write to multiple companies that are relevant to your audience and ask for partnerships.

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