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Did you know that 25% of Alphabets’ revenue comes from Google Adsense advertising platform? Adsense paid its advertising partners more than $10 billion in 2019. With Google Adsense You Can Make Money On The Internet And It’s Easy!

Google Adsense platform allows you to place ads on websites and apps, the supply comes from advertisers that have placed ads on Google AdWords (Google’s advertising platform for businesses). Anyone who owns a web resource with useful and original content has the opportunity to add Adsense ads to it, including bloggers and YouTubers. Just opt ​​in to the Adsense Display Network and wait for your approval (usually takes about a week). In order for your application to be approved, make sure that your web app/blog complies with all Google Adsense terms.

Once you are approved as an Adsense publisher you will be able to choose which resources and sizes you want to place ads on your website. After you place your ad slots, they will display advertiser ads from the AdWords platform. Ads will appear if not immediately, then in a few hours. They will be tailored to the theme of your website to increase the number of ad clicks. Every time someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser will pay for it and you will make money. The cost per click can range from $ 0.02 – $ 1.00 (or more) to be shared between you (70%) and Google (30%).

Some of the ways to make money with Adsense

Build websites with quality and engaging content that people are happy to share. Rich content on your site is the most important condition for your website to be well visited and for you to make money with Google Adsense. Make sure your website is easy to read and is well organised, not cluttered with Adsense ads alone.

High user engagement will increase the number of people who click on ads. Understand your audience and look for ways to increase engagement and get them to visit more pages on your website. Think of elements with added value – blogs, forums, videos.

Your homepage should be well visited

Remember that with Adsense you will only earn when people click on the ads on your site, so you will need a lot of visitors.

A good free way to get new website visitors is social network marketing. Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to share your articles, Youtube videos, photos, and more. For example keep a Pinterest profile to share things that inspire you and thank the companies you support. The more you share, the more you reach and the more people who talk about your content.

Email marketing can be an effective way to reach a wide audience.

Create your own email list and email your subscribers every time you post a new post on your blog. Just don’t become a spammer, send emails only when you have something to say!

Control what ads are displayed on your website

With Google Adsense Making Money On The Internet Is Easy! Adsense automatically selects relevant ad content for your website theme and publishes it in the ad fields of your choice. But you can also choose what content you want Adsense to publish.

To increase your income, you should publish the maximum number of banner ads and text ads allowed.
Turn on both text ads and banner ads. Ads that include photo or video content work better (the larger the size, the better), but text ads will increase your audience and potential.

You can block poorly performing ad categories as well as low paying ads. Remember that by activating various advertising restrictions, you may reduce your earning potential by reducing your audience.

Choose an effective ad placement

Careful placement of ads on your website is very important if you want your ads to be clicked. Check the design of your website and make sure the ads don’t interfere with people’s reading of texts or images.

The most effective advertising fields are those that catch the eye of visitors as they visit your website. This can be an ad field below the headline or above the content. However, make sure that your content is the most important part of the page and that the ads do not take up more space on your page than the content.

Ads at the end of the article, in the text, and at the comment section are also effective because they draw readers’ attention as they approach the end of the article. They could click on an ad before moving on to the next article or other page!

Keep in mind that content should be at least 70%, whereas ads should not cover more than 30% of the layout. Content must be compliant with Google Adsense Policies.

To earn the maximum possible revenue, have a look at our suggestions for ad sizes and placements for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Each country has different CPM rates, check out our table with Adsense rates for each location here.

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