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Since its introduction, Instagram Stories is one of the most loved and most used parts of Instagram. It can reach more people than the regular Instagram post. That is one of the reasons why it is used very often by individuals and brands alike. Instagram marketers understand its usefulness and use it for marketing, to drive more sales. If you have a brand on, then you should be using this feature to drive sales. Otherwise, you are missing out on a lot.  

In case you are wondering how to make sales like a pro with Instagram Stories, here are five ways from essay writer service on how to do it. 

1. Promote new offers and product launches

You are likely going to reach plenty of people if you put out your launches and product offer on your feed. But if you want to reach a lot more people, you should also add them to your Stories. Your feed might get lost among multitudes of other feeds. But Instagram stories are placed at a very strategic location where users will not be seeing them alone, but they get tempted to view them as well. This is a significant reason for the effectiveness of Instagram Stories. 

There are other advantages to promoting your launches and new offers. Firstly, allows you to add direct links to your product or service with the “swipe up” feature. Secondly, the Stories make your advert appear less spammy. You also have the chance to be more creative with your stories. 

As your offer reaches more people on your Stories, that can translate into increased sales. 

2. Make your viewers interact 

People interaction is the reason for social media. So, if you are not interacting with people and encouraging them to communicate with you, you’ve been playing yourself. The good thing with Instagram Stories is that people can interact with it in many ways. You can facilitate some of these interactions by asking questions on your Stories. Another way to do it is to create a poll and ask people to vote. You can also show people’s appreciation for your product. 

You can use this Story feature to increase your reach and engagement, but they also use it to create excitement around the release of a new product. You can also use it to carry out your research about a product. To drive sales, be sure that you encourage interaction on your posts. 

Instagram usually adds new features with almost every update. They aim to continue promoting better interactivity. This can only be of advantage to you and your businesses. 

4. Increase your brand credibility by sharing testimonials

When your business gets any testimonials, and you’re willing to share it, the best place to share it is Instagram. Instagram is a platform that has a reputation of just feeding the eye. You can use this to your advantage when it comes to sharing testimonials. They can share the video directly from another person’s account to you, or it is user-generated information. If you receive multiple testimonials, then it’s time to curate it and post it on your Instagram Stories. 

When you share information like this, you are building credibility for your brand within your industry. People tend to like such stuff and are likely to contact you too. 

5. Show the ‘behind the scenes’

You can bet that your customers are looking forward to knowing what is going on behind the scenes. They want to know what’s up with your business apart from your products or service that you advertise. The good thing is, there are many things from the last few days alone that you can decide to show them with Instagram Stories. What’s your manufacturing process like? How do you run the day to day activities of the business? People love this insight into how your business works. This makes them relate and flow better with your business. 

Only about 20% of businesses share updates that include a ‘behind the scene’ update that followers love to see. So, this is not an overused tactic yet and is the right way for you to stand out. 

6. Use hashtags and location tags 

This is the best way to ensure that people that are not following you view your stories. This means that you will reach even more people by using a location tag and/or hashtag in your upload. Once they search for the hashtag or click on the location, your Story will feature as one of the results. It’s not a certainty, though, but it does help to boost visibility. You can make the location tag very small or hide it behind an element if you feel it will affect the look of your design. 


The popularity of Instagram stories has continued to rise for obvious reasons. It is fast becoming an effective Instagram marketing strategy. It helps to build the business and also reaches out to a wide range of audiences. Therefore, it’s something that you would like to try out. Not for the fun of it, but for its effectiveness. 

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