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Wished you could make money at home? These blogging tips will help you and fast forward the process of making a great website.

You can do this if you have a successful blog. However, the internet is currently crowded with blogs. It is estimated that there are currently more than 600 million active blogs in the world.
TechPriceCrunch.com estimates: “The largest blogging platform, Tumblr, features over 488.1 million blogs. WordPress blog posting reaches 77.8 million new blogs set up each month, and other platforms are expected to account for around 2.5 million blogs.”

Unfortunately, many of them go unnoticed. Avoid learning how to become a successful blogger – one that attracts the attention of others, instead become a blogger whose profile people review regularly!

Not sure where to start? It’s easy!

Here are 7 blogging tips on how to start a successful website

Find a Platform

Before you start writing your first blog post, you will need to choose a platform on which to build it. Keep in mind that your choice will forever affect how you work with your blog page (joke! You will always be able to move your page to another platform!)

For example, to work with WordPress you will need to learn how to use this platform, which may take some time, but this platform offers the most flexibility thanks to its plugins and themes. At the same time, Wix offers fewer plug-ins and customization options, but has a unique, AI-centric site builder. Here and check out other WordPress alternatives listed by web experts that you can also consider.

List all the most important features and plugins you need, especially those for SEO, chat bots and design. Consider which platform will provide you with more opportunities and which one you will feel most comfortable with.

Know Your Niche

This is in my opinion on top of the list of blogging tips. One of the reasons why many blogs go unnoticed is the fact that they do not focus on a specific area. Avoid this problem by finding your niche and target audience. Refine it by reviewing your blog’s traffic statistics – checking the age, location and other important demographics of your audience.

Don’t write about absolutely everything in your field. Yes, your blog may be about video game news, but that doesn’t mean you should publish articles about all the video game news. Follow Reddit and Twitter and see what topics people want to read and discuss right now.

Different Content

Yes, the primary focus of your blog will be written text, but you shouldn’t stop there. Divide the paragraphs and put a photo in the middle of them. This will eliminate uniformity and elevate the entertainment element of your content. Images can also help educate people, especially those who rely on visual material to understand content.

If you can, use video as well

By 2021, videos will have reached more than 82% of the Internet environment, which is plausible given that video is a faster and easier way to capture information compared to blog posts. Some companies, such as Wired, have both video reviews and in-depth written content.

Why not take a step towards experimental technology as well? Diversify your content by adding VR and AR tools? Use surveys and questionnaires to encourage interaction with your readers and blog visitors.

 At the end of the day, your blog should have more than just a block of text.

Invest in SEO

You may have the most beautifully designed page and the most entertaining content in the world, but it won’t mean anything if people can’t find you. Your page will dust off if you fail to increase visitor statistics, and this requires expertise, authority and trust building.

You can achieve this through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We ourselves use NeilPatel.com to help us find the best ranking keywords.

Reliable and secure online platforms offer tools like Yoast SEO to check your blog entries, metadata descriptions, ALT attributes and headlines. Use Google Keyword Planner to identify which keywords to prioritize and build content using them. Connect with other people who have a blog and look for collaboration to explore guest posts and share links. For example, you can write an article for bannerTag.com as well, just go here.

If you use social media, encourage people to share your content. Your link uses proper lead generation (new customer acquisition) tactics and forms to reinforce your email advertising strategy.

Educate and Entertain

Always put two goals in the first place: educate your readers and keep them happy to read your blog. When reading your blog, you shouldn’t feel like reading a block with text in a school textbook. However easy and fluid it may be, each of your posts should also have a significant portion with useful information and content.

One of the best examples is affiliate marketing. It’s a system where you can make money by educating people about your products.

It’s all about creating product reviews to give the average reader a good idea of whether or not to buy a product. If they click on the affiliate link in your review and purchased the product, you will receive a commission.

Encourage Readers to be Interactive

Do not allow your blog to be a one-sided platform. Encourage your readers to get involved, as it can help with SEO, brand awareness, and reader loyalty.

Not sure which of the five topics is interesting? Create a survey and ask your readers! Then you will see which choice they like the most.

Did you publish a one-time 2000-word review of the latest world-famous film? Ask people to share it with their movie fan friends and always invite them to add comments – keywords in the comments section help!

Promote Your Blog

If SEO is the engine, proper marketing is the rocket that will propel your blog forward.

Don’t waste time and share your blog posts on social networks, forums and pages like Reddit, this is one of the important blogging tips. Add a link to your blog to your social media profiles. If you have a Facebook profile, advertise your posts so that even people who aren’t your most active followers will discover your content.

Again and again, encourage people to tell others about your content. Collaborate with other bloggers and ask them to mention your blog the next time they post.

If you have a budget for it, invest in PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. Paid advertising can dramatically improve the visibility of your blog and increase visitor statistics.

However, keep in mind that getting traffic is just the beginning. Making sure people stay interested in your blog is a much more important factor to work on.

Now you know how to be a successful blogger!

Use these Blogging Tips in Your Favour

Learning how to become a successful blogger is not easy, but these 7 tips can help you get started! Don’t be afraid to experiment. It is perfectly normal to delay trying your hand at different sites. Remember that WordPress and Wix are good free platforms to start building your blog.

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