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Content is the most powerful tool any brand and business can use to reach out to their target audience. Content makes it possible for you to communicate with your potential customers, share your messages with them, and reach your business goals. Still, the content creation process can be quite complex and demanding. You need to make it easier on yourself by using some of the best content writing tools.

If you want to create better content in an easier way, just keep reading. Below you’ll find our top picks for content writing tools you need to start using. Here are the 8 ultimate tools for writing content that leads to engagement.

1. BuzzSumo for Content Ideas

The process of creating brilliant content always starts from a successful brainstorming session. But, you don’t have to do all the work by yourself.

BuzzSumo offers some serious help with content creation. It helps you generate killer content ideas by letting you know what’s trending.

All you need to do is select a keyword or phrase, and this till will tell you:

  • which industries it’s mentioned the most
  • how many social media shares, likes, and engagement it has
  • who’s been sharing it

You’ll be able to see what type of content resonates best with your target audience and even compare different content ideas until you find the one that will bring you the highest engagement rate.

2. Feedly for Trending Topics

As someone who’s creating content for a specific audience, you need to stay informed about the content they’re already reading and enjoying.

That means you have to understand your niche and keep track of all the:

  • news
  • events
  • findings
  • trends
  • popular topics 

Feedly will help you keep track of all the topics and trends you care about by gathering them all in one place. You get to choose what to read about, and Feedly delivers all the content.

You’ll know what topics to cover to stay trending and increase your engagement.

3. Google Ads Keyword Planner for Finding Keywords

Keywords are your content’s best friends. The keywords and phrases you choose to rank for in your content will decide who’s going to find and read your content.

This is why you need a great keyword planning strategy, and this tool offers to help.

Google Ads Keyword Planner will help you:

  • analyze potential keywords
  • compare them
  • find better alternatives
  • see how they rank
  • see the competition for each one

This will help you shape your content creation plan and decide which keywords will bring you the highest engagement.

4. Ubersuggest for Choosing Keywords

When you’re deciding on a keyword, it’s always a great idea to check how popular or in-demand it is, and whether you should rank for it or not.

Ubersuggest is an SEO keyword planning tool that gives you all the information about a keyword that you need:

  • search volume
  • SEO difficulty
  • cost per click (CPC)
  • similar keyword and content ideas

Using this tool allows you to make better choices and create your content around the keywords that are truly worth ranking for. This will have a positive impact on your engagement.

5. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer for Powerful Headlines

We all know how important the first impression is. So, when your potential customer types “best home spa treatments” in Google search box, which page result do you think they’ll like more:

  • Top 10 Best Home Spa Treatments For a Super-Relaxing Evening 


  • 10 Best Home Spa Treatments?

The first title is more inspiring, promising, and will definitely get more engagement than the second one. Powerful headlines bring powerful engagement.

The CoShedule Headline Analyzer will analyze your potential headlines in terms of:

  • word balance
  • sentiment
  • character count
  • clarity
  • readability

It will help you remove issues, polish your headline, and make the most out of every first impression that you make.

6. Yoast for Improved SEO

If you want your content to get more engagement, you need to optimize it for search engines. That means you’ll have to work on your SEO, and Yoast is one of the best WordPress plugins that can help you.

Yoast will make sure that you improve:

  • keywords
  • meta descriptions
  • title tags
  • URLs

You’ll be able to lift your content to the next level and ensure that your content reaches your target audience and dominates their Google searches.

7. Canva for a Better Visual Effect

The visual aspect of your content is extremely important, as well. The more visually appealing it is, the better engagement rate you’ll have.

And, there’s an easy way for you to work on the visuals for your content. Canva is a free graphic design tool that allows you to easily create: 

  • original infographics
  • graphs
  • images
  • blog banners
  • social media graphics

Once you make your content more visually appealing, you’ll see that the engagement rate will increase, and your target audience will find it much more memorable and effective.

8. Hemingway App for Readability 

If you want your engagement to go up, you need to ensure your audience is enjoying reading your content. If your content isn’t easy to read and understand, they’ll give up on you completely.

The only thing that will increase will be your bounce rate.

Therefore, make sure you check your readability using the Hemingway App. This tool will analyze:

  • passive voice usage
  • complex sentences
  • number of adverbs
  • complicated phrases

It will tell you what is wrong with your content and guide you through the process of improving your readability.

And if you need extra help with writing, check out some of the custom academic writing services that can help you write, edit, and publish the right content.

Final Thoughts

The process of content creation is complex and challenging, but there’s a way for you to make it easier on yourself. By using the right tools, you’re improving the content creation process, but you’re also improving your engagement rate and reaching your goals easier. 

Use the tools we’ve listed above to write better content that leads to increased engagement.

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