Fresh Content Matters

Website content is its most important feature. Because of content, visitors come to your site. No matter how beautiful the design of your website is, it’s the content that will attract them. And content is what makes your site exist.

And now imagine that your website always remains the same. That you don’t change anything. How long will it attract visitors and will visitors return to it? Not likely.

Why is it so? Do you remember the last time you enriched your site with something new? Whether or not your products or services have changed, updating your website can bring you multiple benefits.

There are several reasons why preparing fresh content for a site should be on your list of regular activities, and the 2 basic ones are:

  1. Visitors expect the site to be “alive”
  2. Regular website updates are good for SEO – they will allow you to position yourself better in Google searches

1. Visitors Expect a Live Site

Everything you put on a website is nice and useful but how many times can you bear to read or watch the same thing? Do you need outdated or updated information?

Even if the content of your site is current, if it hasn’t been changed for a long time, it will look outdated. During that time, your competition will regularly publish new texts and insert new elements on the website. Although the texts they publish are the same as yours, the fact that they have something new will make them look more current and relevant.

In order to keep the existing visitors and attract new ones, it’s necessary to regularly prepare fresh content for the site. In doing so, care should be taken to make everything you publish unique, useful, and interesting. The texts should be intended for the visitors themselves, to provide them with information that interests them, to answer any questions and concerns.

2. SEO Optimization: Google Loves Live Sites

The position that your website has in Google search results has a huge impact on the number of potential site visitors. Google and other search engines scan every new page on the web. The very process of adding new pages to the browser database is called indexing. The algorithms by which it’s performed are complex and SEO optimization aims to adapt your website to these algorithms.

The more often fresh content is added, the more likely it is that a new page will be indexed faster. Therefore, regular updating of the site is desirable in order to increase the chances of reaching a better position in Google search results.

Posting new texts on the site is also an opportunity to rank for more keywords. Each text published on your website gives you the possibility to rank it for different keywords. More keywords can help you optimize your site for the ones that are most relevant to your business.

Bonus – New Texts on the Website Are Great Material for Sharing on Social Networks

If you use social media to promote your business, then you must know that you need to be active. You can’t create a Facebook page or Instagram profile and leave it standing. Maintaining these profiles is often difficult precisely because of the lack of appropriate content.

That’s why new texts, photos, videos, or information you add to your site are great material to share on social media.

How Do You Always Have Fresh Content on Your Website?

One way to add fresh content on a regular basis is to write a blog. Each blog post generates a page on your site. The new page.

Publish texts that your visitors would like to read. Those that can be useful, informative, fun. Give them convincing information about your products and services. Instruct them on the benefits they receive from your services and why they need them. When you give a lot of information to potential customers you’re actually helping them make a decision and most likely buy your products.

Fresh content isn’t just words, text that you enter. It also applies to website layouts, images, videos, etc. Browse old pages and customize them for your users. In that sense, you can change the design, add new photos, videos, change existing texts… Add links. Links to other pages within your site should be naturally embedded and useful.

Also, adding new texts opens up more possibilities for bringing links to it. Links coming from other websites to yours are one of the most important elements for optimizing your site. If we consider all these benefits, the following becomes clear…

Website Updates Should Be Performed Regularly

By regularly adding fresh content to your site, you’ll have regular visitors, great material to share on social networks, and SEO optimization of that content will provide you with a high position in Google search results.

By building such an image, it’s very likely that you and your website will be perceived as an authority in your industry. And the reputation you gain in this way will attract new visitors, who’ll probably become your customers.

If your site needs a refresh, there are agencies that can help you. However, building a website doesn’t have to be a nightmare even if you decide to embark on the adventure of creating a website yourself. Create unique content that your target audience wants and ensure that your site isn’t only optimized for search engines, but also fresh. That’s how to build a website in the best way.

SEO for Reaching New Customers

How can you influence business expansion? How much budget do you need for that and what skills do you need to have? The answer is simple: SEO (search engine optimization) is a free and effective combination of techniques and skills that will help you reach new customers and increase sales.

SEO is a series of techniques and strategies that are implemented on the website to make the site and its content as visible as possible in search results. SEO gives you the opportunity to reach potential clients/customers at a time when they haven’t yet decided on a service or product, but are in the phase of searching for the necessary information.

If you don’t optimize the site for search engines, you risk losing potential customers. It’s very likely that the potential client will choose one of your competitors because they are better positioned in the search results. If someone is looking for information about services or products that you offer yourself, what you want is to appear as much as possible in the search, as one of the most relevant results for your potential client. Research shows that about 60 % of traffic from Google search comes with the first three results.

How Does Google Rank Websites and What’s Necessary to Get Started With SEO?

Search engines use algorithms to determine at which position a site will rank. To rank on the first, instead of the fifth page of Google, you need to become an authority on key terms related to your business. And how will you become an authority?

By following and respecting certain rules, that is factors by which algorithms operate. These are the so-called on-page and off-page optimization factors. On-page techniques include creating fresh content for the website and are related to popular topics in the field of business, while off-page techniques involve collecting as many quality links from other sites that will lead to your website.


Look at your site as a pet – always give him tender love and care. Never relate to it like it can survive on its own when the programmer is done coding. Can your car go forever after you filled it with gas once?

And one more thing, you need more than just time to increase your website traffic. It’s an investment that takes some serious attention, and if treated right, it can end up paying you off big time.

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