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You want to start writing your own blog, but don’t know in what blogging niche? We are going through 3 steps to find the perfect blog niche for you.

When starting out and starting a blog, people can get really in their heads and they forget about really basic things that they are either good at or would be a good idea for their blog.

This process simplified, is going to help you out a lot.

Let’s start with the mistakes that people make whenever they start a blog.

Mistake Nr. 1 – Searching for their passion.

We are not against using something you are passionate about or enjoy for your blog, but what we are not recommending is spending too much time thinking about finding what is your passion for your blogging niche.

There is a problem with that. Passions are not found, they are developed over time.

People mistake that there is some inherent passion or that it’s going to be uncovered. Now that might be the truth, but you have to go out there and do something that is not just thinking and spending time in your brain to truly find your passion.

Your passion is going to be developed from the actions that you take, not from passively sitting there and getting inside your own head.

Mistake Nr. 2 – Starting out in a profitable blogging niche you know nothing about

As far as blogging and making internet websites, the number one problem might be that you write about something that you are not interested in and this creates a possibility of giving up early. Of course it can be about something you wish to learn and by writing articles knowledge can be gained quickly

How much can you earn?

When starting this business, take into account that 1000 USD per month from one website will be the “average” amount. You can also earn more than 7000 USD per month.

We suggest to not keep niche websites in your arsenal if they don’t exceed at least 500 USD per month after about a year. Only invest my time in sites that can compete with blogging niche websites and make a real profit.

How many articles do you need to publish?

100 articles. This could be your first goal. Publish 100 articles in a specially targeted niche, and in 6-8 months you can already hope to earn 3000 USD per month – if you do it the right way. This is the average time it takes Google to start processing your articles – don’t trust me and check it yourself through Google.

Try to publish all 100 articles in 3-4 months and I wait for the website to start making money on its own. As soon as it starts earning money continue to publish one article each week to keep the website active and up to date.

What if you do not earn 1000 USD per month?

Let’s think about the worst case scenario.

Let’s say you earn only 100 USD in 6-8 months or even a year. You can still sell your website on Flippa for 2400 USD. People like to buy websites that earn (even if it is only 10 USD per month). You can check it out on Flippa and see for yourself.

If you are not a good writer and you intend to invest 1000 USD only in content, you will still make 1400 USD profit. The rule is to multiply the monthly income by 24.

Can you make money without selling anything?

Yes, it’s the best in this business model and that’s why we like it so much.

There are many ways to earn revenue from Ads. At the very beginning we suggest you apply for AdSense to get a sense of how it all works. The money you will get paid depends on the content and user quality. For example USA and Canada users are very valuable and advertisers are willing to pay more for these geos.

For example Youtube: The goal is 100,000 views per month. This is very possible with 100 articles in a specifically targeted niche. You can earn up to 400 USD per month by using only advertisements and without selling anything.

Now let’s say you earn 400 USD per month (without selling anything), you can still sell your website for 10 000 USD.

How to choose a niche?

Focus on “HOBBIES”, not products.

By targeting a hobby, you can answer very specific questions that your competitor is missing and identify yourself as an expert. For example you can publish 20 in-depth posts, 20 product reviews and 60 answers to specific questions.

These highly targeted answers not only make me you expert, among other things, but also attract a huge amount of visits every month.

Because there is virtually no competition.

Your competitors often write in-depth posts or product reviews, but don’t answer specific questions that people would really be interested in.

What is the difference between a niche and a market?

Unfortunately, we see most people in the market, not in niches.

That’s why they’re not successful in this game either.

Fishing is NOT a niche, a fishing gun is.
Survival is NOT a niche, an anti-radiation suit is.
Bird watching is NOT a niche, Falcons are.
Adventure is NOT a niche, underground cave exploration is.
Make sure you are inside a niche, not a market.

Is there a niche you should avoid?

We suggest to avoid niches such as avoid health care.

This is because Google has started evaluating websites with expert opinions and published research. They are very difficult to beat. They have covered almost all topics in this category.

Check out any health-related niches, and you’ll see the same sites you’ve created over and over again. If you somehow manage to find a niche in the field of health, it is still very difficult to classify your articles, because this category requires expert opinion.

What is the correct article length?

If you answer a question in your blogging niche, focus on 1,500 words or more. If it’s an in-depth article, you’ll need 4,000 words and more. Product reviews should also contain more than 1,500 words.

What about SEO services or social media?

We for example don’t use SEO and I don’t hire SEO specialists either. Most of the stuff is readily available online for free. If you have no time for this and feel like going to the next level, then sure, hire someone to do this job for you. For beginners though, we suggest to try to learn SEO yourself so you know what to look for. For example you can use sources such as Yoast SEO, they have a bunch of free knowledge for everyone.

The length of the article is sufficient in a specially targeted niche. It ranks high on its own because competition is very low. So we would not recommend hiring any SEO specialist or spending your money on anything that promises to quickly rank your website.

Let Google do its job

If you don’t spend my time on social media it is ok. Your main goal in the very beginning is to earn a passive income. Social media requires a lot of attention. You may not wish to devote your precious time to it. Instead, publish valuable articles, and they will get the number of visits they need themselves.

Not sure where to start? Check out our article on how to create a WordPress website and how to apply for AdSense and start earning.

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