Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, unlike human intelligence, is the intelligence demonstrated by machines where machines(computers) mimic cognitive behaviors associated with human brain such as learning and problem solving

By now, Most of the internet using people would have come across chatbots( an application of Artificial Intelligence) exception. Chatbots have become so popular that in current organizations all infrastructure related problems are addressed via chatbot application of Artificial Intelligence. During Covid-19 period, most people were doing online shopping using e-commerce websites such as amazon, flipkart,jio mart etc. and on those websites everyone would have noticed recommended items based on history of consumer’s purchases, browsing history. Trollishly explains about practical implementations of Artificial Intelligence.

Why Should Digital Content Marketers bother about Artificial Intelligence?

The key advantage that AI brings to digital content marketing is time and cost saving through automation yet producing the quality content which appeals to masses, influencing their decision making process to buy a certain product, thereby improving conversion rate which is the ultimate goal of every marketer. The following growth facts corroborate the rising need for usage of AI in digital marketing

  • The global artificial intelligence market size was valued at USD 39.9 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.2% from 2020 to 2027
  • The number of smartphone users in world is expected to increase at constant growth rate rising to 3.8 billion by 2021
  • Chatbot market is expected to grow at CAGR of 29.4% from 2.6Billion$ to 9.4Billion $ between 2019 and 2024

How AI is going to drive Content Marketing?

Predictive Analytics

AI does the task of predicting target consumer’s behavior with greater effectiveness after examining user’s purchase history, browsing history, user’s profile and then coming up recommending products/services for the user which he/she maybe interested in buying.

Content Curation

Content curation is a tedious task and requires a lot of manual effort in finding,organising, annotating and sharing the most relevant and quality digital content for target market segment.

Custom news feeds in social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc are visible in every user’s accounts which are most likely to find interests of target users

Content Creation

Content creation is at the core of content marketing and arguably the most challenging task and requires great understanding of subject matter, industry dynamic and ability to deliver contents which resonates with target audience. Clearly, the task appears creative enough to be done by human only. However, with introduction of Natural Language Generation platforms , AI has transformed the way content is getting created. Content writing platforms such as Quill, articolo, wordAI and wordsmith which rely on machine learning are already present in market

Engaging Customers

Through AI applications such as Chatbots , engaging and connecting with consumers at any time of the day is reality now as Chatbots need not take any rest and stay away from work. They are available 24 hours 365 days a year to support consumer’s queries and assisting them with their problems.

Experiential Marketing

Now a days, visualizing customer’s journey has become more important than only analyzing purchases he made in the past as that helps to understand where the friction lies in consumer’s journey and what all things consumer would need to overcome the frictions thereby improving consumer engagement and conversion rates for digital marketers. AI tools such as IBM Watson’ Customer experience analytics are used widely for experiential marketing.

Email Marketing

Now a days, we find a lot of mails in our inbox with offers matching one or more things we needed or thought about buying. Those are AI driven email marketing campaign which helps in creating personalized emails tailoring to needs of target consumers.

Personal Excellence

Did you know that AI software is driving your personal addictions on social media? Programmers—without formal psychological training—are setting up AIs to play around with your brain, getting you to spend more time and money at their websites.

The exact same mechanism can be used to induce you to spend time learning valuable skills (in a game-like format, of course), connecting with others in genuinely meaningful ways, and working on personal life goals.

Stimulating the Economy

There are numerous ways to stimulate the economy with AIs. Investors at large establishments use AI tools, including data analytics, to get better returns on their investments. But that doesn’t actually help the economy. To boost the economy, AIs need to increase the flow of money, passing it around to an ever-greater number of people.

Printing money creates a risk of inflation. However, the same amount of money can be passed along more rapidly, if those in possession of money knew the right steps to take.

Informed of new opportunities, businesses will hire more employees and generate more revenue. Employees will discover other job opportunities to increase their income, including “gigs” on the side. Consumers will discover exciting ways to spend their money on self-improvement, increasing their employability.

Many of these tools already exist, but they are difficult to access, and often require upfront fees. The AIs would find them, and traditional database software would track their use, compensating providers whenever they achieve the promised results. AIs would help the providers optimize their returns by increasing accessibility and success rates.

Getting Started

Will all of these exciting and meaningful uses for AI work immediately? Probably not. Some will provide quick results, and others will provide data for further development. It’s the process of ongoing development that will keep the economy going while AGI researchers collect data for their longer-term goals.

Remember: It’s all about the flow of money. We need to increase AI usage so that many more individuals are participating in the money flow. They can use their earnings to purchase additional technology, as it continues to improve.

Clearly, AI is changing the way content marketing works. It’s a game changer for digital marketing campaign and is going to free up a lot of bandwidth of marketing professionals so that they can focus more on creating value and enhancing quality of other content formats such as blogs, whitepapers etc. From aiding customers interactions to delivering brand messages, AI is present everywhere. In future, machines will simply dominate the way marketing is being done and to a good extent will influence the consumer’s decision making process.

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