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There exist many factors that Google uses to specify the search engine ranking of a website. One certain way that has taken up considerable significance over the years is the domain authority of a website. Well, domain authority is a metric that is developed by Moz. The easier words to understand it are, the higher your domain authority is, the more possible you are to attain a higher search engine ranking and obtain better traffic.

Domain authority (DA) is also a satisfactory way to analyze your SEO actions as well as compare the stability of your website to your competition’s websites.

What is Domain Authority in Straight forward words?

Ahead we get into the flow of how to improve domain authority, and it is essential to let you know what the exact purpose of DA on your site is. So, in easy words, domain authority is a score that shows a scale of 1 to 100. These scores will determine how well your website is working and ranking on search engines. If your site’s score is one, then it means it’s the poorest. Similarly, 100 means perfect.

This logarithmic scale tells that it’s much simpler to boost your score if your domain authority is at a 30 or a 40 than if it were at a 60 or 70. The DA between 40 and 50 is supposed fair, between 50 and 60 is considered good, and over 60 is supposed outstanding.

What is the Procedure for Checking Domain Authority?

Clever marketers frequently scan and improve their website’s DA to build distinction and attain better rankings in search engine results pages. Besides, they keep an eye on their rivals’ site DA to notice how to take advantage of their cards more intelligently. That’s why here we are going to introduce you to some of the best tools to check domain authority within no time!

Domain Authority Checker by SmallSEOTools

Domain authority checker by SmallSeoTools is one of the most trustworthy and convenient places, offering a cost-free tool for examining the Moz DA of websites. This handy and free DA checker is easy to use that will enable you to know accurately about your website’s current position. This place is reliable and will never let you face any complications and invalid results.

Operating this DA tool is pretty easy. You’ll just need to follow the following simple steps:

One time you’ve entered the URL (link) of the website, simply click on the CHECK button. That’s it!


It is another high-level performer that is standing 2nd on the top of the board. The tool uses heavy-duty programs that can quickly infer the power of a particular URL and the chance for it to rank well in search engine results. Therefore, it is another best free domain authority checker.

5 Ways to Improve your Website’s Domain Authority

Now that you know what domain authority exactly is, and why it is extremely important. You’re possibly thinking about how you can put that to utilize to certainly boost your domain authority score. The below-listed are the 5, steps that you must follow to improve domain authority, from the very outset of your site’s creation:

Check out the following list for a quick overview!

  1. Optimize On-page Content: 

SEO concerns for both search engine ranking, and your domain authority, so, it is important to make certain that you optimize all on-page terms, including your site’s title tags, image alt tags, and the content itself.

  1. Produce Quality and Linkable Content: 

To attain high-quality links from numerous domains, use as focus on valuable factors. That is, always produce high-quality content that is delivered regularly.

  1. Enhance Internal Links:

Internal links enable enlightening visitors to what they are struggling to discover, thereby enhancing their user experience. It indicates that if they’ve mined deep into your posterior catalog of blog posts, they can quite easily locate their way to your homepage by clicking one of your internal links.

  1. Improve site loading speed: 

The slow loading speed can have a terrible effect on your leap rate. Many users have relatively little patience for a page that holds too long to display and will end up quitting your website entirely if their patience washes away. It is why we recommend you check your site’s loading speed with the Page Speed tool by Google Developers.

  1. Create Quality Backlinks:

The key to increasing your site DA is to concentrate on improving quality backlinks. For this, you will need to create backlinks by keeping an eye on the backlink profile of your domain. Well, you can also use the Small SEO Tool for this purpose.

Covering Up

So, now you have got the point that Domain Authority is extremely meaningful for several advantages. By reading this content carefully, you will get all the answers to show you the path to success.

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