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Google AdSense is by far the simplest way to monetize your website and earn money from crafting valuable content for your audience. This giant of online advertising earns Google nearly $135 billion annually simply because everyone is using search engines for business, service, and product research.

But there is a catch here. 

Google needs to approve your request before you can launch advertising campaigns on your website. It is often a confusing process, particularly for webmasters who don’t have previous experience with Google AdSense. This is why we recommend following proven mechanisms that guarantee to get you that much-desired approval within 48 hours. 

Here are five AdSense tips to receive quick approval from Google.

1. Create Informative Pages: About, Contact, FAQ, and Privacy Policy

When you sign up for AdSense, Google is basically checking the credibility of your website in general. In such circumstances, it is necessary to prove professional authority by creating accurate and up-to-date pages about your business. 

For instance, if you are reading reviews and trying to find the best assignment help service, you will pay attention to details such as the address, phone numbers, reviews, and similar. The same logic can be applied to Google’s approval process as they are analyzing the following pages: 

  • About: This is where you should explain who you are and what you do. 
  • Contact: It’s like a business card of your company because you have to state clearly where you come from and add details like the physical address, email, phone, social media accounts, etc. 
  • Privacy: A lot of users are worried about online security these days – and for good reasons. This is why you should add a privacy page to the website and explain the policy that protects visitors’ personal data.

2. Improve User Experience

Do you know that a single bad experience on a website makes users 88% less likely to visit the website again? It is yet another credibility factor that Google wants to evaluate before granting you permission to publish ads on the website. 

The issue of user experience is so diverse and broad that it’s nearly impossible to mention all the relevant factors, but three features play a major role in that respect. Let’s give them a look:

  • Attractive design: Nobody likes visiting poor-looking websites, so we encourage you to design a beautiful site for your business. 
  • Page load speed: A webpage that takes more than a second or two to load is often considered malfunctioning, so you have to increase page load speed. Google’s Page Speed Insights can help you with that and we urge you to utilize this tool as soon as possible. 
  • Website navigation: Another thing that the average visitor wants is to be able to find a given webpage in a matter of seconds. You should simplify navigation and enable users to find every piece of your content in a click or two.

3. Create High-Quality Content

Technical improvements can only get you so far in the attempt to get approval for AdSense. However, it is the content you’re publishing that can make or break your dreams of launching AdSense on your website. 

But how do you create high-quality content? It depends on your field of work and your style of content creation, but most webmasters follow this pattern:

  • Research the niche and come up with topics that are interesting to the target audience. A tool such as Headline Analyzer will help you polish the title.
  • Do the keyword research to improve your ranking.  
  • Write longer posts with lots of clever insights, stats, and supporting reports. 
  • Create an eye-pleasing structure to enhance the readability. 
  • Add images and/or videos to enrich the post. 

The thing we need to mention here is that Google appreciates websites with lots of content. If you are just launching a site, perhaps you should wait until you publish at least 15 or 20 posts before asking for AdSense approval. 

  1. Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Another trick is to follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines as it is the official list of recommendations coming from the largest search engine itself. The document encourages websites to publish quality content, but there are also a handful of technical instructions you should follow. 

First of all, you need to create findable pages that Google can pinpoint and index easily. Secondly, the content should be informative enough for Google to understand the purpose of the page. And thirdly, you must pay attention to the overall website functionality in order to improve the user experience.

Apart from these tips, Google’s Webmaster Guidelines also suggest the following: 

  • Publish great content and do not deceive visitors
  • Don’t take part in link schemes
  • Avoid keyword stuffing because it harms your ranking and reputation
  • Don’t abuse structured data markup
  • Don’t steal someone else’s content or publish posts with little to no original content
  1. Make Sure You’re not on the Restricted List

Some websites cannot get a quick AdSense approval from Google simply because they are on the infamous restricted list. It is the list of Google Publisher Restrictions that prevent certain types of websites from displaying ads. You should definitely read it in its entirety, but we can identify a few key issues here:

  • Google AdSense is prohibited for sites containing sexual content
  • The same goes for websites promoting shocking content, explosives, tobacco, drugs, gambling, and alcohol
  • You will not be able to launch Google AdSense if your site is promoting unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements 

Up to You

Google AdSense is a popular website monetization method, but you have to fulfill eligibility criteria in order to launch advertising campaigns. The five tips we discussed above proved to be successful for almost every website out there, so now it is only up to you to follow the steps and earn a quick approval from Google. If your website already has a considerable amount of traffic, try and test some more advanced AdSense alternatives.

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